Self-Love: How to Increase Confidence, Build Self Esteem, and Achieve Happiness Through Loving Yourself

| February 7, 2017


Do you struggle to have confidence and with a negative self-image? Do you wish you could have a more positive mindset? Do you want more out of your relationships?

This book will teach you several strategies to help you love yourself while boosting happiness, improving your relationships, and giving you the confidence to achieve your goals. Self-Love is designed to help you get the love you deserve without having to look for it in other people.

Most people struggle to appreciate themselves because of the influence that the media and mainstream culture have on us. We are constantly told that we are not enough without buying someone’s product. With the tools outlined in this book you can move past this and get back to what is really important to you.

You have probably heard people tell you to love yourself, to be confident, to have a good relationship with yourself but what does that really mean? How do you learn to be confident when you feel quite the opposite? You can find all the answers within this book from what exactly it means to love yourself to how to love yourself when you are flooded with thoughts of inadequacy.

Self-Love will show you how to:

  • Accept yourself just as you are
  • End self criticism
  • Be grateful for all that you are
  • Take care of your needs
  • Make goals that get you excited about life
  • Trust in your own abilities
  • Love openly
  • And much more!


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