Prisoner of the Giant Boona Bird

| February 18, 2017


A Griffin Ghostley Adventure – Book #2
For readers ages 10 – 13

Eleven-year-old Griffin Ghostley is having a rotten day. After slamming his big toe against a rock, he finds himself lost in a strange world far from home, and is soon standing trial in front of a trio of strange creatures with whom he can’t communicate. But all that’s a picnic compared to being chased around and pecked at by a giant, blue-feathered boona bird that stands nearly half his size. Worst of all, he’s later held captive in a rolling prison under the watchful eyes of the boona bird and the three creatures who take him to serve out his sentence, the most unfair punishment ever in all human history. Griffin, however, feels like he is being led to his final doom!


The Griffin Ghostley Adventure Series:
#1 Search for the Silver Swamp Monster
#2 Prisoner of the Giant Boona Bird

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