Grammar Girl Is Hot


Any Internet Marketer worth his/her salt, or aspiring marketer for that matter. Knows about the wealth of information that can be found in Google Trends. Today when I checked trends the #1, hot trend was a familiar name. The one and only Mignon Fogarty known as Grammar Girl. Yes I have talked about her in previous posts.

Apparently she is on a book signing tour for her new book; Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing. You can also download her podcast of the same name for free on iTunes. I was an early fan of Grammar Girl, and I hope to play a game of Scrabulous with her some time.

Her most frequently asked questions are the following:

Who VS Whom : Use “whom” anytime you could answer the question with “him.” This is easy to remember because both words end with “m.” Example: Whom do you love? I love him. Who stepped on Squiggly? He stepped on squiqqly.

Lay VS Lie : People lie and objects lay. Examples; I like down on the couch. I lay the book on the table.

Affect VS Effect : Affect is a verb, Effect is a noun. The arrows affected the aardvark. The effect was eye-popping.