A Vampire’s Vengeance (Lengthen Edition): A Vampire action, Vampire suspense

| February 9, 2017


Paranormal Occult

In this wicked tale of bloody revenge you will meet dedicated family man Draco, who is dragged into his worst nightmare when an evil cult from his small hometown of Lakewood visit his home in the middle of the night with murder on their mind.

Frightened and trying to protect his family, Draco tries to fight them off, only for him and his wife and children to be slaughtered at the hands of monsters. Draco vows his revenge, and as his soul slips away he is spirited to Hell where he meets The Devil himself.

However, The Devil wants to make a deal… He wants to give Draco his chance for revenge, in exchange for his soul…

The question is, will Draco accept? And if he does, what will it mean…?


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