Author interview with Jon J. Cardwell of ‘Master Mega Marketing’

Author Interview with Jon J. Cardwell

What if there was a proven method to get fresh leads every day WITHOUT spending huge sums of money on advertising? And what if this method was guaranteed to work, day in and day out, to collect exclusive leads just for your business? Would you be interested? In this short book, you are going to discover Jon Cardwell’s number one marketing strategy for getting leads for his clients’ businesses; and, keep them from clicking away once they’ve arrived on their landing page.



Jon J. Cardwell has taken time from his busy schedule to delve into ‘Master Mega Marketing’, which includes his top tips for getting and holding onto clients. Jon, as you’re aware there’s so many books out there about marketing. What sets your book apart?

There’s a lot of “gurus” out there providing a lot of misinformation. I’m in the business to really help businesses and often business owners are sold a bill of goods pedalling Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, automated software and a whole bevy of the next “latest and greatest thing.”



So this book came of your desire to help business owners? Were your past experiences in the wide world of marketing key to the tips and knowledge contained in this book?

Absolutely, and not only from my own life experiences, but also from those of my clients, peers and others.



Were the combined experiences of yourself and your clients enough to capture what you wanted to communicate, or did find that venturing out for new marketing material to include into this book was also important?

Although much of this book was born out of years of experience, I still did a great deal of research to ensure there hasn’t been any changes to the marketing method I’m emphasizing.



And what was that main emphasis that you want readers to take away from ‘Master Mega Marketing’?

Take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a look at digital marketing for your business with a fresh perspective.



The ability to take a step back, pause and revisit what you are working sometimes feels like a lost art in today’s hectic world, and I hope that your book helps to get the readers in a mindset where they can think and consider this point of view. From your point of view what do you feel is the most rewarding aspect of writing and publishing this book?

What will be most rewarding for me about this book is the help it will bring to local business owners. It is a joy to know I’ve been able to make an impact in the success of others.



Has this positive impact on others motivated you to work on any new writing projects?

I’ve completely overhauled my businesses and I’m becoming more focused with marketing perspectives drawn from my years as a US Navy deep sea diver and a Christian missionary to remote locations. Out of this was born my current marketing consultant business, Spec Ops Marketing. I’ll be writing the book about my new company, marketing strategies, and marketing perspectives.



I have to admit that I never through about combining a Navy deep sea diver with a Christian missionary and marketing consultant to see what happens, but with these widely different experiences in the world your marketing strategies and perspectives must result in a fantastic end product. And I’ll be looking forward to reading that book. We’ve now reached the final stretch of today’s interview where the fantastic and fun combine to our quick fire round where random questions are used to fill in the picture our readers have in their heads of ‘Jon. J. Cardwell’. Let’s start with a non-threatening question: What is your favourite ocean?

Pacific Ocean



Such lovely blue waters in those Pacific waves. If you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

If I invented a monster, it would look like you or me… and I’d call it Monday.



*Laughs* I’ve already started sweating. That one is scary! Are you introvert or extrovert?

I’m introverted when I’m alone; extroverted in a crowd of people.



Are you left or right handed?




Writing with both hands must be handy. Yes, I admit that was an awful pun! Have you ever danced in the rain?




What is your favourite flavor of ice cream?




I could go for some Pistachio ice cream right now. And finally, I’d like to end on the ever important, what color socks are you wearing?

Not wearing any at this moment even though my feet are pretty darn cold.



Take pity on your little toes and make them happier in some brightly coloured socks! Jon, thank you for joining me today and I implore all business owners out there to pick up a copy of ‘Master Mega Marketing’ to bring some marketing magic to their enterprise.


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