Back to You (Small Town Romance Series)

| June 30, 2013


Back to You (Small Town Romance Series)

Back to You – A Christian Romance Novella

Myra Cote is a successful New York businesswoman who is proud of the fact that she has risen from her impoverished roots and made a name for herself. Things in her life are going great – or so she thinks – until she receives a job assignment that changes everything. It brings her back to her hometown of Prospect, West Virginia, a place filled with memories of heartache and a destroyed romance.

Reid Hayworth is a handsome businessman who has put aside his personal ambitions to take over the family business. He puts all his focus into helping others, doing so as a sort of reparation for the anger that caused him to lose Myra, the one woman he ever loved.

When Myra appears in his office and asks him to do the unthinkable, it is clear that life has taken them down very different paths. Was what they had just a distant memory? Or can forgiveness and redemption find its way into their hearts?


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