Meant to Be

| February 12, 2017


A real life love story. This is the first book in The Young and Privileged of Washington, DC series that cover many romance stories under the backdrop of our nation’s capital. All of the stories in this series are loosely based on true stories and/or characters.

Kara is beautiful but introverted, just finishing up her undergraduate studies and enjoying life with her friends. She wasn’t looking for love, and wasn’t prepared to find it. Naheed—mature, good-looking, and unabashedly focused on Kara—holds knowledge about Kara that drives him to meet her.

The earth shakes, she gets light-headed, and she feels him in her soul…all the things that are supposed to happen when you meet “the one” happens. Kara lets herself fall for him…and hard…until a misunderstanding leads her to cut him off completely. …but how long can “completely” last…and how dangerous would it be to renege on “completely” anyway?

Their attraction is undeniable, but life throws a few bumps in the road causing Kara to listen to her mind instead of her heart. …but Naheed never gives up, no matter how much she pushes him away. He knows…they’re meant to be.


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