Author interview with Vivian Kohlman of ‘Meant to Be’

Author Interview with Vivian Kohlman

It’s a coming of age love story about a couple who just can’t seem to make it work, but have an undeniable attraction.



Vivian Kohlman joins me today to discuss ‘Meant to Be’, the first installment of her romance series The Young and Privileged of Washington, DC Series. Vivian, thank you for joining me today, I appreciate you sharing a little bit of time with our readers and myself. The first thing that I’m hoping that you will share with us is how your novel ‘Meant to Be’ came into existence.

It was a combination of things…but mostly it started from actual events in my past, as well as things that have happened to my friends. Some events are just unforgettable, and time allowed me to see things clearly. I just couldn’t keep it inside…and started writing my thoughts down one day.



As this book is really from your own thoughts and experiences, I’m guessing that there wasn’t much heavy research required.

Nope…no need. I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area my whole life and all the settings are actual places.



We there characters also all heavily based of yourself and your friends, or did you take many creative liberties?

They’re all based on me and my friends…I know them all intimately.



I bet you’d love to have a cast party with the characters in your book if they could come to life, as you’re so tight with all of them?

Heck yeah!!! That would be an awesome party…as long as Kara and Naheed were getting along at the time. ;-)



I’m hoping that Kara and Naheed would be able to behave at the cast party. I mean it’s not a good look when the main cast members have a go at each other :). Can you see Kara and Naheed clearly enough in your mind’s eye to the point where you could cast actors to play them if the opportunity ever arose?

For Kara: Victoria Justice. For Naheed: Jason Momoa (or a younger look-alike)



Those are pretty solid picks, and I agree it would help if Jason were just a tad younger. Now that we have your characters cast, what is the most important message from your novel that you hope they can deliver?

That sometimes a deep attraction does happen…and love isn’t so straightforward. Things happen to throw this off course, but it all works out in the end…however it’s meant to.



From the meaning to the reward, what did you find the most rewarding thing about writing this book?

That it led me to write others…I just couldn’t stop creating stories in my head! And there are more to come.



Fantastic, more books! The world always needs more books! Can you give us all a glimpse of what is in your writing pipelines?

The forth book in the series. I don’t have a title yet, and it’s nowhere near finished. It’s a younger (late teens) love story.



Good luck with the love story! You’re now writing your fourth book. What keeps you coming back to the keyboard to tap away at another tale?

Because I love it! It’s a hobby of mine. I love to share fun stories that take the reader away from the daily life of work or school…my stories are an outlet and I love to write them.



As your writing is an outlet it seems to me that there would be less planning involved. Do you know where the story will end up when you start writing?

Never…I usually start with just a nugget of an idea. Just the characters, or one of their encounters. The rest of the story grows on its own.



I love that way that you embrace the organic growth of the story. As this you allow it to grow organically, do you also approach the writing process in a less rigid fashion? For example I can’t see you setting daily work counts, how does your writing process work?

I only write when I’m in the mood, and it usually happens in spurts. I’ll write an entire chapter one weekend, then not touch the book for months. No rush, no expectations.



Do you have any music that gets you in the mood?

I love The Naked and Famous…I think “Punching in a Dream” and “Girls Like You” are the best two songs in my iTunes library right now!



Solid choices there too. Apart from tapping into the wonder of the iTunes library, how do you get through writers block?

I just wait it out. I’ve also noticed that writer’s block goes away while I’m on vacation, but haven’t found any other way to get rid of it.



I’m the same, the second I go on vacation my head starts running faster! I have no idea why, but let me know if you can find a way to get rid of it. I’m hoping that you leave editing for when you’re not on holidays, and I’d love to know how your editing process works. And do you edit your own work.

Yes…I read the manuscript in soft copy, then print it out in hard copy, then read it once more in soft copy.



And when the soft copy is finalized and ready to get published you must feed a great sense of accomplishment.   Do you have any tips for self-publishing for other authors who want to share in this sense of achievement?

Just do it!   Just dump all your words down and figure them out later…that’s what works for me.  It’s so easy these days…get your ideas written down and self-publish away! Marketing is a challenge–I haven’t mastered that yet.



Marketing is a challenge, but like anything if you keep at it progress does happen. But for now, let’s focus not on the challenge of marketing, but on the challenge of the rapid fire round. Get ready to parry or dodge the next super fast, sometimes crazy questions. Let’s start with: Are you a valuable asset on a quiz team?

No, unfortunately



That’s a shame, because quiz teams are lots of fun. What is your zodiac sign?




Are you introvert or extrovert?




Are you left or right handed?




What is your occupation, and how does it influence your writing?

I’m an IT Consultant and it doesn’t affect my writing at all. …or maybe it encourages creativity?



I can see how the world of IT would encourage creativity, but as I also have my hand in several IT projects I might be biased there. What is your favourite flavor of ice cream?

Cookies and Cream



Yum. What is your favourite line, quote or statement from your book?

What the f**k??? How can he know that I would need to get my car…that I didn’t drive home last night…anything that he knows about me??



Ooooh, I hope he’s applied logic to know that the car was needed. What is your favourite word?




What is your favourite quote?

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked. – Warren Buffet



*Laughs* I love this quote too. It just puts the idea of risk into such a wonderfully clear example. And finally, do you have any philosophies that you live by?

Live below your means and spend your money on experiences.



Well, I hope that you enjoyed your experience of chatting with me today, I certainly enjoyed your company and I wish you the best of luck with your promotion of ‘Meant to Be’, and I hope that our readers also feel like their connection with your book was meant to be as well.



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