Capitalism: What’s the point?: A pioneering book about sustainable economics, sustainable business and sustainable finance (Towards 9 Billion:A series … and big ideas for a sustainable future 1)

| February 12, 2017


Capitalism: What’s the point?

A pioneering book about sustainable economics, sustainable business and sustainable finance

Book 1 in the ‘Towards 9 Billion’ sustainability series. this is a small book about big questions
regarding capitalism and sustainable economics.

  • What is the point of capitalism?
  • How do we value a sustainable future?
  • Do our current systems contains the seeds of the next one?
  • Must profit for one always mean a loss for another?
  • How do we move to a positive sum economy?

These questions and many more are raised and discussed in the concise and pioneering work of Joss
Tantram of Renowned thought leader, consultant and keynote speaker on sustainable
economics, sustainabe business and sustainable finance, Joss consults with leading organisations,
delivers keynote speeches at major sustainability conferences and contributes globally to leading
websites including Guardian Sustainable Business, 2degrees, Green Futures, Sustainable Brands,
Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, HuffPost Green, Blue & Green Tomorrow and Green Conduct.

What others are saying about ‘Capitalism: What’s the point?’

“Terrafiniti’s Towards 9 Billion book series asks the important questions that lie beneath the
accelerating chaos of systems no longer fit for purpose. We ignore them at our peril. They provide
insightful analysis and innovative solutions which help us see the reality of the challenge, and the
hope for change, through a clear lens. I hope these important contributions are widely read.”
John Fullerton, Founder and President, Capital Institute

“Big ideas for massive challenges: Terrafiniti’s Towards 9 Billion provides a wide range of solution-
oriented perspectives on the prospect – often seen as daunting – of accommodating 9 billion
people within the remits of our one planet.” David Nussbaum, Chief Executive, WWF-UK

“Suspect the future’s going to be very different? Unsure how multiple economic, social and
environmental forces will collide? But too little time to explore? Well treat yourself to a Towards 9 billion e-book. Short, sharp, accessible insights on what the future might look like and how you should
prepare for it.” Mike Barry, Director, Plan A, Marks & Spencer

“Few commentators on sustainability understand just how important compound interest and its
reciprocal in the discount rate are in driving an unsustainable future. By normalising discounting as a
means of investment appraisal we discount the children’s future. We turn the world into a cog within
the financial machine. Joss Tantram’s book draws attention to this matter, meriting close attention.”
Alastair McIntosh, author of ‘Soil and Soul’

Download your copy of ‘Capitalism: What’s the point?’ Today

The first book in the ‘Towards 9 Billion’ sustainability series will challenge your assumptions and
encourage you to seek new answers to tough questions about sustainable economics, sustainable
business and sustainable finance.

As the planet grows towards 9 billion in population, choose to play an important role in making a difference for your planet today and for future generations to come.

If you’re interested or passionate about sustainability, sustainable economics, sustainable
business or sustainable finance then Take action now.

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