Counting Down To Meeting You

| February 13, 2017


As time ticks away, day by day, I meet you.

After a life-and-death accident, Hailey Diaz is bestowed with a gift—for every person on the street, she can see exactly how much time they have left until they die. Until life ebbs away.

She meets Ethan Santiago, the not-so-ordinary vampire, at her workplace. He isn’t timeless. In fact, his time ticks away like everyone else.

Fate arranged them to walk into each other’s life. Yet, whether they’ll continue this journey together is a destiny they will carve out themselves.

But tangled in a web of deceit, can they go past the surface and accept each other for who they are?

*Counting Down To Meeting You, a paranormal romance novella of 19k words, is the first installment of a complete trilogy.*


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