Lost & Found in Ranthambore

| February 13, 2017



The Spiritual Thriller titled, ‘Lost & Found in Ranthambore’ explores the unbelievable journey of fifteen year-old Frank Huber – terribly frightened and lost on a desolate, eerie winter night amidst the wild and dense jungles of Ranthambore in India. Discover how – under dangerous circumstances, the terrified young boy stumbles upon an unexpected meeting with a Mystic, who baits Frank to question his identity and eventually turns his entire world of people, places, emotions and notions – upside down.

Delve into the intriguing and stirring dialogue that ensues between the two ignites Frank’s inexplicable desire to know more about the Truth; Frank experiences higher levels of spiritual curiosity and is further propelled to seek the answer to the Ultimate Question, ‘Who am I?’ Find out more about the out-of-the ordinary conversation that forms an indelible impression on his Soul, leaving him positively transformed forever.

The book highlights how simple it is to navigate the ZERO DISTANCE between Ignorance and Enlightenment, which one thinks is farthest.

This precious book has been written under the Holy guidance of the Author’s Revered Spiritual Master– Sri Sadhguru Dada Paramhansa– a Self-Realized Soul; a Mystic Scholar, who imparts the Knowledge of Oneness, to all seekers alike.

Watch the Official Book Trailer, Download the Free Extract, Join the Fan community, and more at hitirangnani.com/lostandfound

Feel free to share your feedback and experiences in the comments section below – after reading this book that has been written, with a lot of passion, for the seeker-reader in You.

HITI RANGNANI, Mumbai, India, is a Strategic Consultant by profession and for almost nine years, through her not-for-greed consultancy firm U-Coach 360? based in Mumbai, she has been serving her esteemed clients and fellows, on the foundation of her rich work experience at Citibank, AXA, HSBC & Reserve Bank of India, strong academic qualifications from India and USA, passion for coaching, talent and skills, insights and deep spiritual foundation, to transform and succeed in work and life. More information: www.hitirangnani.com

Given her deep spiritual foundation built over time, she leverages the vast platform of her firm to apply and wholeheartedly spread the principles of Spiritual Oneness, wrapped around the theme of professional, business and inner-transformation through speaker programs and through her writing of blog posts, short stories and her first book, titled Lost & Found in Ranthambore in 2017.


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