Lure (The Maellen Chronicles Book 1)

| February 13, 2017


Monique Stravinsky is a master at closing business deals. Single and hot. Men are putty in her hands.

But this deal.

This weekend.

At her regular hotel.

Is different.

Before reaching the door of her suite, she is captivated by an exquisite rose in the lobby. This is no ordinary rose and an innocent touch turns to physical pain.

Assistance comes in the form of Hadrian.

Young, handsome and the Hotel concierge.

But there is more to Hadrian than meets the eye. A whole lot more.

Despite the awkwardness of their meeting Monique can’t ignore her interest and invites him back to her hotel room after his shift.

The night promises to be one Monique will never forget and leaves her craving for more… more Hadrian.


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