Millionaire Mindset

| February 14, 2017



How is it that some people manage to get to financial freedom and wealth and some do not?

Money. It is what drives our world. Most people would love to make more money and be wealthy. But what exactly is it that separates the wealthy from the rest of us? Obviously, they have more money. But how did they make their money and what is their secret? In his book, Change Your Mindset: Think Like the Rich, financial planner and author Amit Eshet has the answers you’ve been looking for.

In Change Your Mindset: Think Like The Rich, Eshet shows that the key difference between the wealthy and the rest of us is the way they think. Wealthy people think differently than other people and these thoughts and beliefs are the basis of their financial actions and decisions. The first step in growing your wealth is to change the way you think and believe in your success. In his book, Eshet has come up with 30 common thoughts, beliefs, and phrases that wealthy people have that are different from the rest of us. He proposes that if you take one month to memorize these 30 ideas, one every day, you will naturally begin to think differently, as the wealthy do, and soon be able to grow your own wealth. In 50 pages, the book covers topics to how to save your money, the stock market, and how and on what to spend your time and money. If you want to become wealthy, you need to have the millionaire mindset, and this book is the key to your success.

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“This book is easy to read and gives you one simple point to think of per day”

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