| February 14, 2017


Meditation is an AMAZING way to relax the mind, transcend your thoughts and learn to let go and detach yourself from life’s stressors. Initially, m?dit?ti?n may feel very challenging! I personally found it difficult to sit still and think about “nothingness” for even just five minutes when I first started meditating. Like a hamster running on its wheel, life’s challenges constantly kept my brain on overdrive. A hamster knows its purpose; they are born to run and can even run up to six miles in a single night. However for my brain to run frantically with no end in sight only escalates my stress levels and increases my anxiety. Despite the obvious challenges of distractions and time constraints, I stayed focused, practiced daily action and eventually elevated to twenty minutes of meaningful, focused meditation- and you can do the same. You can achieve the obtainable goal of disciplined focus and reap the benefits of meditation.
Meditation sky-rocketed my peace during a particularly difficult time in my life – so much that it influenced me to take massive action and write this book to help people like you achieve serenity, contentment and peace within.
PEACE BLOSSOMS FROM THE SILENCE: A Beginners Guide to Meditation shares my relatable experiences, and discusses strategies and methods you can easily implement to get started meditating today. I centralized this guide to keep the process simple in an effort to inspire and motivate you to give meditation a chance to impact your life in a positive way. Meditation for beginners is not difficult or complicated but does require commitment. If you have an open mind, give this life changing practice focus and effort and you too may obtain a higher level of peace, calm and tranquility!


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