Near Home: Fantastic photographs sprinkled with Inspirational quotes

| February 15, 2017


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” (Les Brown)

The book “Near Home” is a work of art, not just a common collection of photos.

It is the second in a trilogy by photographer Tomer Peled.

One need not travel far and wide to see the wonders of creation. Whether someone is jogging or riding a bike, the movements, angles and even stillness all influence the way the photographer sees the object and captures it.

We are curious. Even near home, we curiously follow types of people and living creatures, and we learn. You look at the surrounding pattern, identify the right moment for the shot, master time, and learn to trust intuition and experience. You recognize people’s behaviors – when they are angry, irritated or what makes them happy.

The greatest power of these photos comes from the tiniest details of everyday life. As we go in life, we remain oblivious to many things as we pass them by, directing our gaze down towards the ground, not being present at the current moment.

The book “Near Home” brings us breath-taking photos, which let the reader take a view at reality through the artist’s eyes. It creates a connection between miraculous natural scenes and processed photos, all conceived through the lens of Tomer Peled, sprinkled with phrases and sentences for inspiration and awe.

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