Webs: A deadly love triangle …

| February 16, 2017


Coming of age teen detective suspense thriller …

Webs is the first book in the bestseller Lily S: Teen Detective series of mysteries and thrillers.

Part spy, part PI, sixteen-year-old Lily’s policeman Dad is trying to untangle a particularly nasty death and Lily’s intrigued. She’s even more intrigued when she proves to him it’s actually murder. Perhaps she’d make a detective too? If only she could work out what would get Dad to dump awful Ange, grovel, and patch things up with Mum. Irritating isn’t the word!

In retaliation, for awful Ange, Lily’s mum resorts to the web for romance; the world-wide-web. Convinced she can get her parents back together, Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to trip up the candidates for replacement daddy. Whilst her school friends are up to their usual tricks; Matt is alternately ignoring and chasing her and Melezz is being the worst best friend, Lily is up to her own. The trouble is, whilst Lily thinks she’s playing private investigator and being a clever little spider, weaving clever little traps, one of her prey is smarter still; and deadly.

“You have got to read this book. It is awesome!”

“I fell in love with Lily, her humor and snarkiness ”” and her bravery.”

“Sets the bar high for YA Literature…”

“…stands out from all the others….”

??? Interview with the Author

Q – So, what makes the Webs special?

A – Its completely different. And if you’re a fan of Veronica Mars, Nancy Drew, Janet Evanovich’s books on Stephanie Plum or Meg Cabot’s Size 12 books featuring Heather Wells and want more fly-on-the-wall teenage realism than fictional fantasy, you’ll love it. The characters are based on real life, and as teenagers are the wittiest, craziest people I know; and the most interesting. Who needs fantasy? Laughter mixed with tricky plot twists and a dark, dark mind waiting quietly to catch Lily in his own web…

Q – What order should I read the Lily S: Teenage Detective series books in?

A – The series runs in a sequence, with the second book due out this year, but the stories are complete in themselves. To get the most out of them, though, I think the best order to read in is:

– Webs

– Magpies (out Autumn 2015)

– Gone (out Summer 2016)

Then you’ll get all the gags, including the long-running ones, and all the back stories.

Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?

A – When I wrote Webs it started out really dark; noir, and I added Lily to create light within the shade. But everyone who read the book before its publication loved Lily so much, in the end she took over, and they loved it even more.

But Webs isn’t just the first in another teenage detective series. This is Lily’s life, loves, fixes and dilemmas as well as her private investigation work. Lily is real ”” sharp, witty, cool; and vulnerable. She’s potentially me at sixteen, or you; and the humour will keep you laughing even as you’re desperately flipping the pages to find out what happens next.

Q – Can readers collect the whole series in one go?

A – Hop over to my author page here at Amazon to find out how to be the first in the know, and a full list of my available titles as I also write psychological thrillers and literary fiction under other pen names.

And thanks for reading!


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