Your Breakup – Your Blessing. Breakup Self-Help: How to Live Before, During and After Divorce – Legal and Financial Advices

| February 21, 2017


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Fear, despair, dismay, frustration, sadness and even anger is not the whole list of “splendid” emotions that accompany a person through divorce with the one, who has been your kindred spirit for a great while. It seems that you will never manage to mend a huge hole and void in the soul. It seems that your life is over, but you should come to the brink of hopelessness to get a second chance. “You are no longer by my side” sounds like a cry in the night desert, dull and unanswered. Some people hide their internal insanity behind a meaningless smile and affirmation “I’m fine”, others seek consolation in alcohol or lose themselves in their work. It does not matter which way you choose, you should understand that everyone in this situation needs help.


You may ask: Will this book improve my state of mind and cure my soul wounds?


The answer is simple: No, it won’t.


Perhaps, this book could help solve all the domestic problems related to divorce?


The answer is also simple and short: No, it couldn’t.


So you may ask: Why do I need it and who can help me?


The answer is too easy again: Only you can help yourself, and the book will give you hints on arranging things in your mind and life.

Thus, the book helps to puzzle out:

  • emotional stages of divorce;


  • consequences of divorce, but most importantly, unlike many other books on divorce, it practically helps get ready for this difficult stage – from making the decision to the legal protection of your children and finances.


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The author gives tips on how to build confidence after the break and even illustrate why your next relationship will be successful and happy!

Do not delay your healing until tomorrow – download the book and start your new life today! Make sure divorce can really be a blessing!

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