Sewing: Learn Hand Sewing Techniques And Strategies

| February 21, 2017


Use These Powerful Techniques To Drastically Improve Your Sewing

Have you ever been In a situation where your favorite shirt has a rip or tear? Sewing: Learn Hand Sewing Techniques And Strategies By Charles Faraday can teach you how to hand sew your favorite clothing article back together. This guide simplifies hand sewing, as it will teach you all the hand sewing strategies and techniques you need to perfect the skill. Faraday begins with a review of the basic needles and thread used. Next covering Instructions on how to do basic stitches. (Basting, Running, Backstitch and more) Following are strategies tips and tricks to help you improve your sewing skills more than you thought you could. Sewing: Learn Hand Sewing Techniques And Strategies is for anyone who can Imagine creating a beautifully crafted clothing item using nothing more than your hands, thread, and a needle or anyone wanting to patch their favorite pair of jeans.

Throwing away a perfectly good sweatshirt is unacceptable, Faraday will teach you how to hand sew and give you the knowledge to fix your clothes. Hand sewing is a very practical skill for men and women. you are taking good care of your clothes, saving money and at the same time it is so much fun to learn.

Here Is A Preview Of What Is Included..

  • The tools needed
  • The five basic needles
  • Thread Types
  • Basic Types Of Hand Sewing Stitches
  • Helpful illustrations
  • Hand sewing strategies
  • Pro tips
  • And More!!

This book has pictures to help you follow along.Faraday’s style is very straightforward and gets to the point. This book will make hand sewing beginners feel like you grew up sewing.
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