Hope Found Again

| February 21, 2017


Just when she thought she had lost her connection with God, Jenny is sure she has heard God’s voice calling out to her. Her life has been miserable being away from God’s will and she longs to enjoy communion with Him once more. Several things stand in her way however, including her inability to get over the pain of losing the man she had known only few years before he suddenly died. Even though she only knew her father for only a while before his death, it left a void in her after that, one she attempted to fill by going after all the wrong things in her teens. Only to succeed in finding out that true happiness could only be found from a life lived within the will of God.

The sudden tragic death of Jenny’s father has dire consequences on the status of her family. Thrust into the unknown operations of farming life, Jenny is forced to help her mother keep the farm alive to survive. Devout Christians, Jenny’s mother instills God’s word into the hearts of her children as they grow up to become fine dependable young people. As much as Jenny is committed to Christ, her resentment at her being deprived a normal teenager’s life unknowingly festers until she is given the freedom a University lifestyle offers. Her downward spiral is encouraged by her first love Willie, and Jenny resorts to lies and deceit to keep her deplorable life hidden from her mother.

A trip back home for the holidays gives birth to a new, resolved Jenny; she confronts her stray from God and begs forgiveness. Once Jenny sets her path straight toward Jesus, everything else in her life falls into place. After graduation, the dream job is offered to Jenny which she accepts in a heartbeat.
But does Jenny’s decision to dedicate her life to God and to excel in her career leave her any chance of finding the man God wants for her to love. Jenny leaves this part of her life in God’s hands and waits for His perfect timing.


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