Body language

| February 22, 2017


You’re about to discover that the purpose of body language is to read the message the body transmits, independently of the words. In some cases, the body may show the same attitude and feelings as the words transmit, in some others, the body sends a different message.A very good reason why you might need to go on reading this book is that body language represents a high proportion of the meaning when somebody speaks. Also, body language reading is highly relevant in the cases of first-time meetings. It has a great influence on forming first impressions and more and more interviewers are aware of the body language reading techniques so they are able to “read” the candidates. Be aware that the non-verbal communication works many times at an unconscious level. However, be sure that it always works.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

How to analyze people

How to read people like a book to win friends and influence

How to detect lies by reading posture

What to look for when reading arms and hands

How to use body language to land hot dates and supercharge your life

And much more

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