The Original Pink Collar Workers

| February 26, 2017


What is it like for a woman to do a man’s work, and do it better? That’s what the first pink collar workers had to learn when they set down their skillets and aprons to pick up welding torches, hammers or rivet guns while the men fought to keep this country free during World War II. Then those men came back home, and they had to work with them day in and day out.

But for their daughters and granddaughters the war in the workplace between men and women still goes on over three decades later. However, now the enemy is vastly different. It’s an unseen force of lust, alcoholism and sex while several of the women need to band together in sisterhood. They’ve been caught up in espionage, intrigue and attempted murder–and whoever is sabotaging the planes that they’re building. Could it be the supervisor, a former employee.. or the person they work with everyday?

During all these great concerns our gals still need to earn a paycheck, and do anything to get that damned plane built… well, almost anything.

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