Traitors & Lies

| March 1, 2017


An American officer is missing. A mutilated body is found in Tokyo Bay. Are they linked? For Shig Sato, the answers never come easy.

Former Tokyo police Inspector Shig Sato has become a private investigator and he’s not too thrilled about it. But news of a body with no head and no hands found floating in Tokyo Bay sparks his cop instincts, and soon embarks on a quest to find out who the victim is, and who is responsible for the gruesome crime.

Then Sato accepts an assignment from his former boss at the Tokyo Police Department: locate an American naval officer who has gone missing. With the mutilated body on his mind, he knows he must see if the missing American is the body in the bay. But Sato finds no official, American or Japanese, is willing to cooperate with his investigation.

After hearing about another Kobayashi twins misadventure, Sato realizes Russian gangsters might hold the key to his investigations. With a secretive retired diplomat as his ally, Sato finds himself entangled in gang fueds, murder, and Cold War espionage at the highest levels of government to answer one simple question: who is the body in the bay?


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