Stop Licking That

| February 23, 2017


“Stop licking that!” is a phrase Karin Mitchell exclaimed so many times to her children over the years that she decided to write a book about the insanity that is parenting.

Similar to books like I Heart My Little A-Holes and I Just Want to Pee Alone, Stop Licking That takes on the reality of parenting with an honest and strong voice. Stop Licking That is as easy to say as it is hard to accomplish stopping your kids from doing, much like many things in parenting – simple to say, hard to do.

Chapters include “Toddlers Eat Like Snakes,” “The Three Inventions That Would Make Me The World’s Best Mom,” and “21 Things I Lost, Forgot, or Got Wrong Before 9 AM.”
The book ends with a short list of true, but sometimes strange Tips, Tricks, and Weird Facts. Read them to find out why it might be a good thing to teach your kids to blow snot rockets, and how duct tape can help save you money on toddler mittens.


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