The Bright Fish

| July 1, 2013


The Bright Fish

Something’s not right aboard the cruise ship Aurora. But that’s probably what you would think when you’re with the girl you love and everyone else is about fifty years your senior. You’re 3000 miles from home, young and high on emotion. Maybe it just ratchets up the sense of adventure.

And yet perhaps something really is wrong. There’s the passenger everyone thought was dead, but who reappears one evening in the lounge without comment or explanation. And eighty year-old Celia Soper who reads Tarot cards, but only for ‘the history of the world’ – whatever that means. Above all, there are the bright fish, creatures the size of dolphins that appear unannounced alongside the hull, glowing with indescribable colours. And which never seem to inspire the sort of admiration one might expect.

The Bright Fish is a love story. It deals with what it means to live, lose one’s heart and die in the grey dawn of the 21st century. Are we always essentially alone, or is true interdependency possible? Is death our beginning or end, or both?


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