Traditional Arabic Cookbook. 30 Extraordinary Recipes for Home-cooking

| February 25, 2017


Arabic cuisine is one of the most ancient cuisines across the world. In recent decades it has emerged to become one of the world’s most popular ones as well, in large part thanks to the inimitable mix of spices, herbs, and flavors each Arabic meal offers.
Influenced by the cuisines of various civilizations and countries, from Indian and Pakistani to Spain and Italy, Arabian dishes are an extraordinary mix of cooking traditions, beloved throughout the world.
During my journeys to Morocco and Egypt I tried to record the most interesting, unusual and at the same time simple recipes, intended for home-cooking.
From appetizers to meat meals and mind-blowing desserts, these recipes have been evolving along centuries before coming to your house. And I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed collecting and writing them for you.


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