Building Twitter Community: 21 Strategies to Increase Engagement

| February 26, 2017


How to Use Twitter:  Maximizing Time and Effort While Tweeting 

Do you spend a lot of time on Twitter—liking, retweeting, reading tweets, responding to mentions—essentially engaging in everyone else’s content only to see your own account’s engagement rate remain static month after month?  Are you a beginner to intermediate level user of Twitter—someone who knows the basics of the platform—but is looking to improve their Twitter marketing strategy in a quick and efficient way?  Are you in need of some solid Twitter tips?

Build Twitter Community By Focusing On Twitter Analytics and Engagement Rate

Jamie O’Leary reviews 21 strategies for improving your Twitter account’s engagement rate.  She wrote this eBook for the beginner to intermediate user—a Twitter enthusiast who has a firm grasp of the basics but is struggling with building community, engaging followers regularly, and creating influence.  Beginning with the simplest, easy to implement strategy and working towards more complex concepts, O’Leary shares proven tactics for increasing the likelihood of improving engagement.  Along the way, she shares insight on Twitter marketing tips and free social media tools.

What’s In It For You:  Learn How to Get Twitter Followers

  • Twitter enthusiasts want to reach the most people at the most opportune time, and for most of us, this means increasing the number of our followers.  It also means of those who follow our accounts, increasing their engagement with our content.  Here is what you will learn:
  • 21 strategies designed to increase your Twitter impressions and engagements
  • How to target the right accounts who are most likely to followback and engage with your content
  • How to be strategic with the content that you create
  • How to focus on ‘behind the scenes’ mechanics of maintaining an account
  • How to create a themed Power 10 Group that you can count on to support your content and amplify your message across their Twitter feeds
  • How to maintain a talkative, vested and engaged community by cleansing your account of inactive, spammy and fake followers 
  • An insight into 35 free and easy to learn online social media tools
  • Step-by-step instructions

You will get the most out of this eBook if you:

  • Own a Twitter account and you are tweeting on a regular basis
  • Enjoy tweeting but are frustrated by the lack of engagement with your content
  • Understand the Twitter basics but would benefit from further instruction
  • Do not want to spend hours and hours researching tips, strategies, and tactics
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the free and paid tools that are out there
  • Unsure which free tool will best help you reach your Twitter goals
  • Want the quickest, most efficient way to improve your Twitter engagement rate

Click the buy button above and you are on your way to happy tweeting. 


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