The Middle East: Days of the Middle East Then and Now

| February 28, 2017


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In , will give you an insight like no other. Go back in time to where is all started and learn the beginning of the Islamic religion, Ancient Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Learn about the changes that have evolved over the various millennia and how the Middle East found it’s way to it’s current state. Find out where the wars have reached and how the current living conditions are.

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The assumption of Ancient Middle East is the rock paintings and uniform mud houses. The cradle of civilization was in the Middle East and it extended far beyond the Ancient Egypt era. Discover how a boy named Mohammad became the Prophet Mohammad and a one of the most significant parts to the creation of Islamic religion. Look into the daily lives of the women in the Middle East and how they differ from ancient times.

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The wars in the Middle East have reached the headlines on numerous occasions over the last decade. How have the wars affected the lives on the women in the Middle East? Has the rule of Islamic religion helped these countries remain true to their culture or are the constraints of this religion holding its people back too much? Read about the ‘day in the life’ of those in Ancient Middle East and the modernized version we know today.

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