Forester’s Will

| March 1, 2017


Secure at the large law firm where he has worked for six years, Tim O’Leary receives a call from a Mrs. Garnette, imploring his help in setting aside a Will. The Will, signed by her now-deceased employer Chadsworth Forester, reverses a decades-long pattern of Wills making generous provision for her. Lavender Hills, Forester’s hundred-acre estate on Long Island’s Gold Coast, now passes to his daughter Cassandra, with whom his relationship had been distant at best. When the firm declines to become involved, Tim decides to go out on his own and take on the case, a decision he quickly regrets as a surprising development undercuts Garnette’s belief that Forester was incompetent when he signed the Will. Hope is rekindled when Tim learns that Forester may have had second thoughts, but time runs short as he searches for proof that Forester found a way to set things right.


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