The Return (The Next Galaxy)

| March 1, 2017


President Jane Parker, the 97th president of the United States, has gathered the heads of state of leading countries to decide on an action plan.
Some distance away from the farthest, most visible satellite were thousands of alien craft of different shapes and sizes surrounding Earth.
President Parker gasped when she saw the glowing person approach. “Who are you? This is supposed to be a secure meeting room. How did you get in here?”
“My name is Davius, and I am a member of Deep Probe, an elite research and study group based in NASA,” the being said.
President Parker frowned. “Deep Probe? A study group in NASA? I have never heard of that group.”
“No, you have not. And it is because as of today, you have not yet signed it into law. But very soon you will approve the founding of our unit,” Davius said.
“Very soon?” President Parker repeated.
Davius nodded. “Yes. In exactly three years from today.”


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