Rag Quilting for Beginners: Detailed Starter Guide to Master all the Quilting Techniques as a Beginner

| March 2, 2017


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By the time you have performed the different exercises in the book, you will be proficient at producing a rag quilt and will find that you will also be enthused each time you go into the fabric store to look for new colors and patterns to create your next one. We would suggest that you keep your home child safe and that if you do take up quilting, you keep your work away from tiny hands – as much for the sake of your quilt as for the safety of your children. Needles and pins and children don’t mix well. We have suggested a way to overcome this and it may be a good idea to have a special basket for your work, which can be put away safely at the end of each session.

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Step-by-step guide to the basics of cutting, sewing, quilting, and finishing your quilt
How to pick a design
Tips for marking the material
Putting the blocks and quilt top together
Choosing the backing and binding
Creating your very first quilt

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