Dangerous Code

| March 31, 2017


Order another cup of coffee! Stella’s breath-taking tale will have you up half the night.

Stella Marie Alden, best known for ‘How to Train Your Knight’, floors us with her first contemporary thriller. Glad I got a first peak.  ...Justine’s Reviews.

In one respect, Doctor Jenna Jones is a genius. Too bad she can’t read people worth a damn. Good thing she teams up with Detective Colin O’Brien. Using her application and his street smarts, they search for terrorists threatening New York City.


I dash out of the Port Authority and claim the last hand-hold on the downtown bus. The brakes hiss, we lurch forward, and suddenly my headset mutes.Instead of Blake Shelton, the male voice of my artificial intelligence barges in.

“Terrorist alert.”
Don’t freak out, Jones.  It’s probably just a bug.

Shaking, I let go of the metal loop and pull out my iPhone. On the screen, my AI application flashes bright over a black background.

Red Alert
Bomb in canvas bag
Vicinity < 25 feet
Accuracy Assessment is 85%

With the bus hitting every pothole, it takes a few tries for my thumb to find the drop down. Then a license of a clean-cut brown man pops up. I think I saw him sitting in the back. To be sure, I use the handholds like monkey bars and jostle to the rear. My fellow commuters give way begrudgingly.

There he is. And he’s got a green gym bag at his feet.
Oh my God. I’m on a bus with a friggin’ terrorist.
Taking a deep breath, I stream video to Jason’s downtown servers. I have to alert New York’s Terrorism Task Force,but must do so without revealing Jason. He’s not ready.
Jenna: Call JTTF, explain what’s happening. Do not reveal your identity.
Jason: Done.

In the bus’s side window, my wide-eyed reflection gawks back, pale Irish skin tinted green. And instead of a successful entrepreneur, I see a woman biting down on her lower lip like a scared teenager. Yeah, I want off this death trap. Who wouldn’t? One small push on the stop bar and I’d be free. But I can’t just leave a bus filled with innocent people. I have to try something. Don’t I?
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