Tortured Worlds: Stories of Science Fiction

| March 5, 2017


A post-apocalyptic winter, superpowered aliens, a machine that controls the planets’ movement, immortal love, and voices echoing from nowhere. These are just some of the things that torture the worlds you’ll find in these stories.

The Tortured Worlds collection features five stories of science fiction and fantasy:

Across Worlds – While the Supermen, powerful extraterrestrial visitors, try to save the world, Leon and Nedda, two star-crossed strangers who meet in their dreams, have to save their own world from destruction.
A Pyre for the World on Ice – In a post-apocalyptic world frozen by a nuclear winter, time-traveling Alex Dandes has to track down a bomber in a seemingly lifeless Tokyo.
Receding – Quelorian, Lord of Chaos, sits on the edge of the universe, waiting for it to end, desperate to undo the past mistakes that tore him and the love of his life apart.
Throne of God – In the 26th century, the Neo-Sun gives light and life to the human race, and Samson Arsovi is the newest recruit elected to pilot the machine that controls our solar system.
Voices in the Void – If reality is an illusion, and we’re all the figments of one deranged, schizophrenic imagination, then whose dream are we in?


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