SIRIUS XM Satellite Merger Creates Best Of Both Worlds, Maybe?


Several years ago when I first heard of Satellite radio, I knew this was something I had to have. I needed to put a stereo in my car anyway. I went to the audio dealer and announced I wanted XM radio in my car. They must of had some type of Sirius incentive going on. Because they insisted Sirius was better and showed me the program guides to compare.

They both had awesome commercial free music options but it did look like the talk options for Sirius were better. So I went with the Sirius and never regretted it. In fact I love Satellite radio and I don’t know how anyone with a vehicle can do without it.

I know we have iPods and CDs, and some people are now on the HD radio bandwagon, but if you haven’t actually tried Satellite you are missing out. If you get a head unit, which means the Satellite radio is built in, you don’t have to mess with FM transmitters. This is well worth it.

What this  means is you can drive cross country without ever losing reception, or having to adjust your channels. You can also listen to any genre of music commercial free. And all sorts of talk options, from news, business, sports, you name it. There is something for everyone and something for your every mood.

It’s great in traffic and on long trips, and for catching up on the news on your way to work. And the beauty of having all of these options in your radio, is that you don’t have to change or find CDs, you don’t have to download anything.

You don’t even have to decide what your in the mood for, just start turning the dial until you find what suits your mood best. No thought, no effort, no preparations, no hassles, and yet you have unlimited variety at your fingertips. So you can worry about your driving and let the radio worry about providing the entertainment.

I’ve never regretted my decision to choose Sirius over XM, although I have considered getting both, but for practical purposes this would be overkill. The only programming that I know that XM has that I would like would be the Oprah and Friends station.

So now with the merger of the stations today, I heard that I can get the best of both worlds. Yay, now I can listen to Oprah instead of Martha Stewart. So I went to the Sirius website to see what was going on with the merging of the programming.

Things don’t look final yet, but from what I could tell, in order to get the combined programming you will have to update to a premium account. But there will also be packaged options. Will I eventually be listening to Oprah while sitting in traffic? Probably but I have a feeling I’m going to end up paying more.

I really do think Satellite radio is great and worth paying for up to a certain point. Because I was an early adopter I got locked into a yearly discounted deal, that I renew every year, and it is money well spent. But will I be willing to pay 20$ month, for Satellite radio. The answer is no! I don’t mind paying for a quality service but lets hope greed doesn’t become the 3rd partner in this merger.