How I Made $24,000 in College Scholarships: and How You Can Too

| March 6, 2017


This is a step-by-step guide to winning college scholarships – from resumes, to recommendation letters, to essays. Most importantly, this book features a hyper-targeted web search strategy to identify local scholarships that students are more likely to win!

This is your guide to building your very own college financing package. I’ll teach how to you to understand:

1) How to make yourself look like an appealing applicant.
2) Where and how to find scholarships.
3) How to set up a winning application, from resumes to recommendation letters.
4) My proven method of stacking small, local, private scholarships
5) How to avoid scholarship scams (sadly they exist)
6) How to work with your college bursar to make sure your awards are processed correctly
7) Follow-up procedures once you’ve gotten your first award.


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