APP ESCAPE PLAN. How to make money, achieve freedom, and get your life back

| July 3, 2013


APP ESCAPE PLAN. How to make money, achieve freedom, and get your life back

*****#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER!!!*****Unlock the secrets of successful appreneurs and learn how to market, build and successfully publish iPhone and iPad Apps.

Elaine Heney is the founder of the developer blog and publisher of over 150 apps with 3+ million downloads. Elaine is a 5 star online learning iPhone / iPad course provider and mentor to Irish and international mobile games startups.

In this book she shares the secrets of her success, from coming up with great ideas, finding a rockstar team to work with and creating a sustainable app portfolio to generate passive income.

• Why I quit my fulltime job to make mobile apps when everyone thought I was crazy
• Why successful entrepreneurs choose freedom over security and how this drives their startup
• The 3 most important words to remember when starting an app business
• Why the right marketing will make you app business grow – FAST
• What type of app to make
• Learn how to hustle and do things cheaply
• How to avoid mistakes that other appreneurs have made
• Find how to identify ROCKSTAR app developers and artists
• How to chase the app money stream
• Out to outsource your app business and get your life back

In this brilliantly clear, straight-talking work, Elaine Heney explains how you can earn money from the app store, outsource your work and get the life you really want. Welcome to the App Escape Plan.


“I love this book! It was so easy to understand. Elaine made it seem very possible to create an app! Get this book today and take action!!” Heather Swensen

“This book contains more entrepreneurial gems than many a Harvard Business School bestseller.” Quicksmart

“Becoming an app producer has many different challenges and this book is great for anyone trying to get into this business, become successful and profitable in this industry.” Insta Apps

“This book doesn’t only work for apps, this book will work for anybody who wants to make a living from being creative. It’s the ‘behind the scene” that’s so important.” wmj Franssen

“[This book] is easy to understand (no techy language) and incredibly motivating. I’ve already come up with my first idea and plan on using Elaine’s lessons for a next step. Highly recommend!” JJ Jackson


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