The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb of the House of Munchausen

| March 6, 2017


A brilliant new revival of a classic story of imagination, adventure, and wit!

Full title:

The Fantastical Adventures of Leutenlieb of the House of Munchausen Great-Great-Great-Grandson of the Celebrated Baron Hieronymus of the House of Munchausen

Centuries after the classic story began, the tale of Baron Munchausen returns to life in this inventive and hilarious novel from the internationally celebrated author Shlomo Kalo.

Leutenlieb, the original Baron’s great-great-great-grandson, makes his way through the roller coaster of the Twentieth Century in a new, utterly unforgettable adventure.

He is a Baron, a perfect gentleman, an outlaw, an adventurer, and a trickster, with a sharp wit, a pure heart, and more than a few tricks up his sleeve. From meeting with Al Capone and Greta Garbo, or running into Hitler and Hemingway; from saving the lesser-known sister ship of the Titanic to feasting with ravenous glass-eaters; the fantastical adventures of the new Baron Munchausen are a tour de force of wit, satire, absurdity, and pure delight.

Master storyteller and nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Shlomo Kalo breathes new life into a classic tale, crafting a rich and hilarious world that will have readers tight in its grip from the first time they open the book to the moment when they turn the last page of the memorable closing chapter.

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