Targeting Your Market: Marketing Across Generations, Cultures & Gender (Give Your Marketing A Digital Edge – Vol. 2)

| July 3, 2013


Targeting Your Market: Marketing Across Generations, Cultures & Gender (Give Your Marketing A Digital Edge - Vol. 2)

Understanding your target market and how to target marketing campaigns to different generations, genders and cultures allows marketers to maximize their success and demonstrate true commerciality and return on investment

Throughout this book, I discuss some of the most common socio-demographic profiles such as generations, gender and cultures and cover the key traits of a wide array of potential customers based on their motivations and consumption patterns.

Targeting Your Market “is a really in-depth guide to understanding your market so that you can target them properly,” says reviewer J. Hollister. “It starts off by explaining what demographics and psychographics are and goes on to explain the differences of each generation and how to market accordingly.” The comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide “also has some great tips and ideas for marketing across cultures and marketing across genders,” according to Hollister.

“If you have something to sell, either a product or a service, picking up this book will save you from making excruciatingly misguided efforts, aside from wasting time and money,” says reviewer Meghan.

Author Gabriela Taylor, the founder of Global N’ Digital, a consulting firm specializing in online marketing services and cross-cultural business practices, looks at generational, gender, and cultural differences that determine how people shop and buy and describes the key profile types on different social media. Understanding the likes and dislikes of various groups or individuals can help you target them based on purchasing habits.

“Targeting your Market is commendably comprehensive–you won’t need any other marketing book once you’ve bought this,” says Meghan. “Whatever you do online and offline in relation to selling a product or service, buying this book can be your most important investment.”

From the Author

I write my books with a lot of dedication and from the heart. I have a passion for online marketing and for supporting and encouraging others to make the changes that can grow their online business.  Online marketing is an ever-evolving industry and, as such, keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging.
My books help small businesses, startups, and those taking their business online for the first time. I’ve gained a lot of experience in the industry, and I want to share my knowledge and insights with people who want to maximize their online potential. My consulting firm specializes in helping businesses with their online presence and authors with publishing and promoting their books online.
I hope you enjoy my books and I’d appreciate any feedback.  I’m always looking to challenge myself and improve the way that I work and openly encourage my readers and clients to let me know what I can do differently in the future.

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