Slow Cooker: 25 Favorite Recipes That Will Make Your Culinary Life Easier

| March 6, 2017


Would you like to prepare a great variety of homemade meal and feel the smell of delicious food simmering using the best kitchen invention? Start the book now and you will find wonderful slow-cooker recipes and many of them will become your favorite.

Professional chefs or amateur cooks, aspiring home cooks, housewives strongly encourage this book!

This book has been written to focus on healthy recipes which you can prepare with the slow cooker. All you have to do is toss in the ingredients, set the temperature and timer (on some models) and walk away. You do not have to stand over a slow cooker and check you dish won’t boil over. No stirring or turning is required. For your convenience these recipes are collected in one handy book.

Ways you can benefit after reading this book:
•You will prepare nutritious dishes and keep the flavor you love
•You will quickly and easily try diverse recipes
•Get less mess at the kitchen using slow cooker
•Your food will not dry out
•The ingredients will be extremely tender and delicious
•You’ll receive good cooking tips

The following recipes are:

•Well organized by chapters
•Give good description of each step
•Keep the natural juice of meat and vegetables
•Easy enough and convenient
•Don’t demand much your job
•You add less liquid when cooking

Maybe you wonder why do you need this recipe book?

With the help of it you will get ideas on how to cook such recipes as
•Crock Pot Chili Chicken
•Herb-Crusted Slow Cooker Pork Roast
•Onion and Celery Crock Pot Stuffing
•Chicken wings in Teriyaki Sauce
•Easy Crock Pot Chicken
•Spicy Slow Cooked Chicken
•All Day Macaroni and Cheese
•Chicken Noodle Soup
•Crock Pot Broccoli Potato Soup

This book is well organized, easy to follow and gives very good insight on what healthy food is.

The above book is invaluable – must reads. It is one of the best of these series. It would be a handy resource to pull off the shelf and cook some nutritious meal.


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