Steal Away Home (Clem Scheutz Book 1)

| March 9, 2017


Clement Scheutz, a young mercenary soldier, finds himself entangled in Cuba’s armed revolution. Wanting to give up his life of violence, he returns to Cincinnati to try to pick up the traces of what had been his home. But even there, among his family, and with the woman he had loved as a teenager, home cannot give him the peace he had hoped for.

“Scheutz demanded my attention from the beginning.”
–Writer’s Digest

“Clement Scheutz is victimized as much by his implacable restlessness as by his harrowing circumstances. His is an odyssey fraught with learning and loss, and fearful sights that will haunt my imagination for years.”
–Floyd Kemske, author of “The Third Lion”

“Meibers is a terrific writer, and he’s brought it all together in this unforgettable novel.”
–William G. Tappley, author of “Music Memory”



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