101 Entrepreneur Lessons and Mistakes From The Real World: Achieve the Mindset, Success and Money Easier and Quicker

| March 7, 2017


Part of the Nantchev’s Nuggets of Knowledge series
Pure actionable knowledge.
NO fluff. NO theory.
Just Results and Success.

101 lessons that I’ve learnt from the real world of business. Lessons that I’ve picked up from when I started my first business in 2014.

I talk about why writing a book is important, as it is a way to separate you from the rest of the world and the market.

Some relationships can be distracting and divert attention and time away from your business. I saw that you need to sort yourself out first and when you are in a better situation, then you can seek a relationship.

Recently a story between Bill Gates and Warren Buffet has solidified why focus is important to me.

And 98 more lessons on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Some ideas you may have heard before, some will be new to you.

Whether you are stuck, do not have the mindset or ability, there is a lesson in here for you.


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