Children’s book: Hailey’s white dress

| March 7, 2017


Hailey has a secret to success. Her secret is… determination.

This is a beautifully illustrated lovely children’s book, which tells the story of a young girl with a true joy for life and a great love of dresses. One day she receives a present- a beautiful, special dress that she decides to save for a special occasion- her birthday.

Hailey’s birthday arrives and she is very excited to wear her white dress. During the party, she finds a spot on her beloved dress. What happens when everyone tells her the stain won’t come off?

”Children’s book: Hailey’s white dress” is not only a wonderful story to read to your children, but also a simple story for kids who read on their own, with a very special message about determination.

This book is truly not to be missed!


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