Survivalist Victory Garden Guide – How To Be Organically Self Sufficient In A GMO Co-Dependent World

| July 3, 2013


Survivalist Victory Garden Guide - How To Be Organically Self Sufficient In A GMO Co-Dependent World

History’s Biggest and Deadliest Food Shortage Is Upon Us!

By food shortage I’m not talking about a lack of “quantity” of foods on store shelves (although that’s coming too), I’m talking about the lack of “quality” of foods available today.

In the shadows of store shelves around the world is hidden a group of sinister manipulators putting on a full court press to destroy the nutritional value of foods. And with that the total destruction of your health.

Did you know that a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences shows that GMOs are linked to organ failure?

GMOs are also associated with a multitude of diseases and illnesses.

Eating GMO fruits, veggies, bread or GMO fed meats is a death sentence that is a slow boil that brings your life to a grinding, painful stop.

From debilitating diseases to incompetence that is immobilizing, the foods you are eating are making you sick, slow and stupid.

Take Your Survival Skills, Self-Sufficiency and Food Freedom to the NEXT Level…

Today’s survivalists are more than long bearded men in the wilderness hunting wild game. Today, a survivalist is anyone looking to get off the suicidal, homicidal and genocidal path that today’s toxic and tainted food pools have put us on.

Each trip you make to the grocery store to load up with more toxic bathed foods is taking you and your loved ones a step closer to an early grave.

It’s incremental death by a thousand cuts… or should I say a thousand bites.

You see, our immune systems are under attack by chemicals exploding like nukes in our cells. Our bodies were not designed to fight off these manufactured assaults and as a result, the acceleration of everything bad is over running our bodies.

And since you can’t change the food in the store, then change the food you eat.

Discover:: Proven Methods For Producing Bigger, Healthier, Tastier and More Sustainable Food

Inside the “Survivalist Victory Garden Guide” you’ll discover:

  • Starting Your Survivalist Victory Gardening Step-By-Step (With picture tutorials)
  • Starting Your Seeds Step-By-Step (With picture tutorials)

And tons more like the…

  • 8 Victory Vegetables (Best Veggies To Beat A Breakdown)
  • 7 Persistent Produce (Perennial Vegetables That Keep On Giving)
  • 7 Must Have Medicinal Herbs (Natures Doctor In Your Yard)
  • 4 Super Seeds For Sure-Fire Survival

You will also learn about…

  • Creating Your Water World (Harvesting Water So You Can Harvest Your Crops)
  • How To Grow Crazy Giant Vegetables Naturally (Become King Of The Crops)
  • The #1 Way To Naturally Eliminate Garden Pest (When Your Garden Thrives, You Can Survive)
  • And more!

Additionally, you can turn any garden into a victory garden. That means container gardening, raised bed gardening like square foot gardening, tower gardening and even water gardening can be turned into a victory garden.

Ready to learn how to take control of your food and turn any empty space into an abundant food place?

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