Shabdon Ki Holi: A Hindi Children’s picture book

| March 10, 2017


Shabdon Ki Holi is a funny story with bright illustrations and lively cartoon written in Hindi.

Ramesh and Suresh are two siblings who love to blabber and find it very funny. But this holi they experience a adventure like never before and meet entertaining creatures/jeevs who are lot of fun but their vocabulary is very limited.
See how both siblings go from blabbering to teaching Bandhu, Pratham and his fellow creatures the usage of words – featuring bright and fun illustrations in the backdrop of holi festival.

Introducing fun and lively creatures for the first time in a Hindi children’s book.


Full-color and lively cartoons by Nayan Soni and kid-friendly story by Subhash Kommuru will tickle you and yours funny bones, at the very same time teach a very valuable lesson.


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