Farm Strong: Faith, Family, Farm and Fitness

| March 8, 2017


Embrace Farm Strong, a Heartfelt, 400-Year Story of Family, Faith, and Legacy.

Farm Strong depicts the poignant story of the Hatcher family, starting with their immigration to America in 1635 through their present-day life ambitiously running a regionally well-known dairy farm. This deeply personal narrative, told by Charles Wooldridge Hatcher, weaves faith, family, perseverance with a distinctly Southern flavor.

Journey through more than four centuries of American Southern history as you enjoy a hefty dose of humor, milk, blood, sweat, and tears. History buffs, business book junkies, and other readers who enjoy a gripping story will embrace the Hatchers’ candid walk of faith through dirty hard work, service, ugly times in history, smart risks, innovation and family restoration.


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