The Charm of Revenge

| March 8, 2017


When an IRS department turns rogue, revenge and karma collide in this gripping, fast paced, killer thriller:

Six years ago, Brad and Lola Fairweather chased through the deserted hospital corridors with little Jack trailing behind. In Lola’s arms was a precious bundle, wrapped in a pink blanket. Daisy was a year old and dying of pneumonia. She needed a doctor, but they ran into cops.

The cops stun gunned Brad and dragged him away, leaving Daisy to die in her mother’s arms.

Tormented by grief, Lola blamed the investors that had made them homeless, and yearned for revenge. Brad wanted to rebuild their family and their lives, but each time success appeared within grasp, the IRS snatched it away.

Now, the extracurricular activities of a rogue IRS department and its tormented leader, are about to make the Fairweathers take the law into their own hands.

Horrifying new details emerge as the bodies pile up, and a tenacious detective lieutenant races to assemble the pieces, while his own fate hangs in the balance.


A white-knuckle killer thriller.

“Detective Lieutenant Donatello is brilliant! A gritty, fast paced, immersive story that will take you through your worst nightmares and leave you feeling good about your life.” — Morning Echo


“A thrilling ride, with three-dimensional characters and a story that will have you racing to the end, where everyone’s secrets are revealed, including the dead’s.” — Michael Carr – Editor of a dozen New York Times best sellers and another dozen Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, international, and Amazon best sellers.


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