Infinity Cluster: Digital Science Fiction Anthology (Digital Science Fiction Short Stories Series Two Book 2)

| March 8, 2017


Infinity Cluster Anthology

Digital Science Fiction is proud to announce a new, never before seen combination of cutting edge stories. Infinity Cluster packs 10 distinct science fiction short stories into one amazing anthology. Infinity Cluster is perfect for both marathon reading sessions and dipping into during your commute.

Each story introduces you to a new author and explores different, exciting realms of science fiction. We know you’ll fall in love with a bunch of these stories.

Life On Sweetwater throws you into the great trashcan of the universe where the citizens are being murdered one by one. Adam Perin’s bleak vision of the future serves as an ecological warning to humanity.

Bear Essentials takes you on a mission with Captain Russell Fisk, his daughter and her boyfriend, a baby blue dragonet, and a cannibalistic alien doctor to deliver a live grizzly bear to a monastery on Upcurion. But, in Julie Frost’s comic exploration science fiction, all is not what it seems.

The Painted City takes you to the deadly city of CatLuxDomino. Can the forerunners discover what to do in David Tallerman’s vivid gem?

Animal launches you into a world where just 579 species are left in existence. Terry Madden’s compelling vision of wildlife destruction begs you to ask important questions about the direction of humanity.

Resurrecting Jack throws you into a world where resurrecting the dead has become a reality. But Vincent L. Scarsella’s poignant tale will make you wonder whether that is such a good thing.

The Assistant drops amongst the Sanitation and Cleansing Technicians as they recover from an invasion of bug-bots. Ian Whates’s humorous cyberpunk tale reveals a secret with implications for a new generation of computing.

Illegal thrusts you into the People’s Asteroid Territories as Inspector Keung Yeung attempts to find a fugitive. Pete Aldin and Keven Ikenberry craft a masterful tale about human trafficking in space, asteroid colonization, and about being between a rock and a hard place.

ESL shows you what happens when eight moon-dwellers come to live with you for eight weeks. Brenda Kalt’s touching tale has a message for humanity to carry through the ages.

Il Gran Cavallo reveals the secret of Leonardo da Vinci’s terrifying war machine. Martin L. Shoemaker’s sumptuous alternate history treat will captivate you.

Malfunction puts you alongside Lieutenant Everett Monson as a malfunctioning android believes he is the father of spaceflight. Jennifer Campbell-Hicks’s time travel tale will leave you yearning for more.

Infinity Cluster is a return to the Golden Age of science fiction. This anthology is a celebration of the most exciting literary tradition. It is a treat for the true science fiction lover. Digital Science Fiction is your new guide to the wonderful depths of the universe. Enjoy the ride!

Digital Science Fiction

A new age of science fiction is here. Digital Science Fiction lovingly curates masterful tales from a wide array of authors. We are proud to bring you the best stories from award winners, up-and-comers, and veterans of the craft. If it’s got our name on it, you know it’s going to be great.

Digital Science Fiction brings a noble tradition of wonder into the new age. Magazines might be waning, replaced with tablets and holographic entertainment devices, but we will never lose the fantastic stories that excite our imaginations. We must carry them with us through the ages, reading them, writing them, discussing them, sharing them, and loving them.

This is gripping science fiction at its finest.
This is Digital Science Fiction.
Your brain will thank us.


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