Empath: Life Of An Empath: How To Live A Normal Life When The World Consumes You (Energy, Intuitive, Highly sensitive, Psychic Book 1)

| March 9, 2017


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to thrive, nourish and deal with emotions as an Empath while living a normal life.

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Picture this – you’re at the grocery store or the supermarket. You’re standing in line at the checkout counter, and you get into a conversation with the person standing behind you. Before you know it, this perfect stranger is opening up to you and confiding in you some of their deepest thoughts or sharing their troubles. Alternatively, you have an instant sense of the character and personality of this stranger. Or perhaps, you find that animals naturally gravitate towards you and you’re able to sense their feelings and emotions in a given situation. You may even have been called overemotional or ultrasensitive when you confess that you can’t watch violence in movies or on TV.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to any or all of these points, chances are, you are an empath. You find that other people’s energy can affect you and that their wishes, desires, moods and thoughts unconsciously influence your life. You are quite spiritual, and the demands of the physical world can sometimes weigh heavily upon you. You may even find yourself the victim of illnesses that no one can explain medically.

However, being an empath is not just about emotions and recognizing physical sensitivities. An empath can recognize others’ spiritual urges, intentions, and motivations. The most important part in all of this is that being an empath isn’t something you can learn; it is something you’re born with. In other words, either you are an empath, or you’re not. In order to better understand, you need this book!

  • Are You an Empath?
  • Traits of an Empath
  • The Benefits to Being an Empath
  • How to Cope With Being an Empath

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