Death among the Dead

| March 9, 2017


The world is dead; it took its last breath over five years ago and those that remained will tell you its passing was certainly far from peaceful. The snapping jaws and bloody hands of death ripped life from humanity’s grasp, leaving nothing in its wake but savage corpses burning with an un-natural compulsion to feast upon the living. Those left alive simply called them the Dead and no matter who you once were or what you once did, no one could escape their touch for long. But Man was stubborn, Man was persistent and Man refused to give up. He found a way to exist in this world of death and as survivors gathered together, small pockets of humanity began to rebuild and mold their lives as they saw fit. And so it was that three such survivors, Fran, Kai and Tom found themselves crossing the English country side bound for the island of Saint Michael’s mount; hopeful to not only meet up with their separated friends but perhaps daring to wonder if they too could find themselves a home.
Joined on the way by another small family, touched by their own deadly tragedy, Fran, Kai and Tom soon realize leaving the mainland and the Dead behind them will not be as easy as they hoped. For the Dead will not be denied their bloody penance and as ghosts of the past, both tolerated and unexpected come into play, death soon breaches the island’s defenses; bringing with it a new and equally terrifying madness for the inhabitants of St Michael’s Mount to bear


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