The Wooden Bell: A Short Novella

| March 10, 2017


In 19th century, a middle-aged man left behind a piece of newspaper, in which he wrote an unprecedented story of his past. His father was selling wooden bells; a wooden toy, people had faith that this thing protect families and they were buying it. At the age of 14, when his parents were died, people started taking his son and his wooden bells as a jinx. He shared this story because he had a dream that this thing will protect families one day.

In 21st century, an 18 years old rich mentally special boy of the same generation who dreams a lot, found himself as Harvey Wilson when his parents were killed by a serial killer. This boy has an emotional appetite and a strong imagination. He started developing Harvey Wilson inside him, since the day his mother found that piece of newspaper. After death of his parents, he turned himself and started living the way he developed Harvey Wilson. This is the story of his journey as Harvey Wilson, what he learned along the way, and how he turned a previously known blind faith into reality.

This is the story of an inappropriate dream of Harvey Wilson and human needs.


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