The Puppy Mill Murder: An Amish Dog Tale

| March 11, 2017


When little Rachel Yoder and her beloved dog, Annie, turn up dead in the quiet Amish Village in Lancaster, Joe, an Amish dog, and his nine year-old boy, Amos, are determined to lay down some paw and order in the community. They will find the killer, no matter what all it entails.

Two FBI agents appear on the scene, convinced that Amos committed the murders. They immediately cart him off to juvenile detention, leaving Joe to solve the murder to prove Amos’ innocence.

The mystery leads to one tail-spin after another as Joe embarks upon his mystery-solving mission. In the process, however, he makes a gruesome discovery that requires immediate attention.

Joe is as smart a sleuth as a dog can be, but does he have what it takes to solve this Amish murder? Read on to find out how this Amish murder ends.

This is one Amish fiction books you won’t be able to put down. And this one has a twist that’s a real treat. It’s written by Joe, a dog. This new release is his first Amish fiction full of mysteries that tell the tale as experienced by…the tail.


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